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Re-Editing and Remixing Short Course

Re-Editing and Remixing Short Course with DJ Adsorb

Official Sponsor: Prime Loops UK

Course Description

This short course is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills for re-editing and remixing their own tracks in a creative and inspiring way using the very latest in sounds and samples. Participants will be able to book a Music Scoring Studio that has an iMac computer with Logic Pro installed for their personal use and to practice the skills and knowledge delivered by the industry professional lecturer in class The Studio will be available during the entire course duration 6 days a week, Mon-Sat, 10 am to 10 pm under supervision and outside of class time.

UK based Prime Loops, one of the world’s leading audio production and sample loop companies is 'Official Sponsor' of the course and will provide the very latest samples to be used by participants. Each participant will receive a sample pack covering many different genres of music and Prime Loops has also generated a code so any attending students wanting to purchase further sample packs or software sampler patches from the website get a 15% discount.


No existing knowledge and experience in re-editing and remixing is needed. Students must have the specified version of logic and an Apple Laptop. 

Language of Instruction 


Course Duration and Schedule

8 lessons of 3 hours duration, twice per week.
Lessons held between 6pm and 9pm.

Module Overviews

Introduction to Logic Pro

This will introduce participants to Logic Pro. Participants will become aware with the key functions, audio importing and editing, sequencing, special effects, the use soft synths and samples (Prime Loops).

Introduction to Re-Editing

This is designed to introduce participants to re-editing. What is re-editing? The history and modern use of re-editing, methods and techniques involved in re-editing music and how to use relevant technology to complete a re-edit.

Introduction To Remixing

This short course is designed to introduce participants to remixing and re-editing, examining the history, different styles, processes and techniques of how to produce a remix and how to create modern re-edits with an individual and unique sound.