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Why Thailand

Why study abroad in Thailand

For many years, Bangkok has been an attractive location for those who wish to study abroad. SAE Thailand see’s a large percentage of its student body coming from overseas every year. It is quite common to find in one of the international programs that all the students being of different nationalities.

SAE Thailand sees students coming from countries such as Argentina, Bhutan, Cameroon, England, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Liberia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Sweden, U.S.A, Vietnam amongst others.

In such an international environment, students enjoy a rich, culturally diverse educational experience, which provides extra value and the opportunity to develop an international network that will last many years after the completion of their studies.


Significant factors and benefits for studying in Thailand include:

1. Thailand’s geographical location at the heart of the ASEAN and Greater Mekong Sub-region provides a significant regional advantage for Thailand.

2. According to a ranking by the MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities, Bangkok is the world's most popular air travel destination, becoming the first Asian city to earn the distinction.

3. Thailand has some of the most sort after travel locations in the world, from tropical islands and beaches, to mountain ranges, to the bustling modern metropolis that is Bangkok.

4. Bangkok is a hub for the local and international film Industry. In 2011 alone, some 606 foreign productions from 46 different countries where produced in Thailand.

5. The market value for the Thai music industry in 2011 as rated by the Thailand Creative and Design Center was approx 20,000 million Baht or US$654million.

6. Relative living cost is low compared to other major international cities. Between 2-5% cheaper than Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, between 85%-100% cheaper than Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong, approximately 100% cheaper than London, Sydney or New York.

7. A high exchange rate from major world currencies. Fluctuating around 30 Thai Baht to US$1 and 40 Thai baht to 1 Euro.

8. An educational climate that encourages and welcomes international education providers, from high school, universities, informal and higher education providers. There are literally hundreds of international schools in Bangkok alone offer both UK & US curriculum.

Thailand truly offers a remarkable experience for anyone who chooses to study abroad. From amazing life experiences, stunning natural environments, significant media industries and a culture that embraces the values of education.


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