Creative Media Education


Digital Jockeying (DJ)

Mix the perfect tunes! 

With SAE Institute Bangkok

  • Language of Instruction: Thai/English
  • (a good command of English is required for this course)
  • Duration: 3 months (27 lessons)
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Intakes: 4 per year (January, April, July, October)

Course Overview

The music industry can be an exciting and rewarding career and a large portion of this comes from entertainment provided in clubs, concert halls, radios and theatre where the skills of professional DJ’s are always in demand.

Modern sound reproduction technology has allowed the once humble turntable and CD player to develop into an exciting range of equipment, permitting a wide range of tasks from mixing and scratching to professional remix productions and break beats, often with the same equipment found in high end studios.

The world of dance music has grown into a massive genre; employing thousands of musicians, composers, and engineers and of course DJ’s. In order to fully explore the skills necessary to become a professional DJ, we have brought together skilled professionals from the entertainment industry who will offer a wide variety of their own creative input to your education.

Course Contents

  • A history of DJ-ing

  • Different DJ styles & equipment

  • Analysis of different musical genres

  • DJ mixers & Digital Controller

  • Amplifiers and speakers

  • Microphone basics

  • Digital Controller

  • CD players & CD-J’s

  • MD & MP3 players

  • Compressors

  • Equalizers

  • Special FX (reverb, flangers, chorus, etc)

  • Cables and connectors

  • Mixing and beat matching

  • CD mixing

  • Etiquette, playing to a crowd, business skills, careers