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DSLR Video Production

Make you own short film!
Master your DSLR
Modify and direct your dream to reality!

DSLR Video Production

This course is designed to be a fast track for students to produce their own films or VDO clips. Classes are designed to create creative and interactive learning experiences. After the course student should be able to maximize the use DSLR camera and also other components of film production such as basic lighting, editing and production management.

  • There are no academic requirements or pre-requisites to participate in this program. The participants should have basic knowledge of computer operations and have their own DSLR camera.

    Language of instruction                                              
    English or Thai

    Course Duration
    3 months (12 lessons 3hr/lesson)                                                                 

    Class Schedule:
    Saturday 12:00 – 15:00

    Module Overviews

    Introduction to Film

    In this class students will learn about the structure of a film production and roles of different positions on film set along with an introduction to scriptwriting to start off their own project.

    Camera Theory and Workshop

    This class is an introduction to digital video theory, DSLR camera operations, other tools and cinematic design. Also practical classes in which student will learn the necessary technical skills to do simple video recording.

    Lighting Theory and Workshop

    In this class students will learn the skills for cinematic light and creating different moods and tones for short film.

    Directing Actors

    In this class students will learn how to direct actors in front of the camera and manage a small film set as a director.

    Introduction to editing and post-production workflow

    This class is an introduction to editing program for students to be able to edit together a video clip or a short movie and procedures of standard post-production workflow.

    Practical Sessions

    These are classes where students practice camera and lighting techniques, which are divided into 4 categories 

    1) Day Interior Workshop 
    2) Day Exterior Workshop 
    3) Night Interior Workshop 
    4) Night Exterior Workshop

Also with this short course there will be

Studio Visit Field Trip

An opportunity for all students to visit a professional studio and have a glimpse of film industry professionals.  

Final Project Screening

Students will screen their final projects to receive peer review and comments from the instructor.