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SAE Institute

Established in 1976 in Sydney, Australia by Engineer-Producer Dr. Thomas Misner, a pioneer in audio engineering education. SAE Institute is the largest media technology-training institute in the world today. SAE Institute is formerly known as the School of Audio Engineering, hence the abbreviation however since then we have branched out into Digital Film Making, Multimedia studies and even 3D Animation! SAE Institute is currently represented by over 49 colleges in over twenty countries on four continents.

SAE, through its wide international network of institutes is able to adapt to the requirements of all its students in the various countries and to offer the best, most practical training in creative media technology. The programs and equipment at our schools are constantly updated to reflect changes in the industry.

Today, more than over before, solid training, careful practice and creative thinking can give you the edge in the highly competitive creative media industries. These qualities are the hallmarks of our programs, and the main reason why students around the world choose SAE Institute as the place to study.

We offer innovative teaching techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and a complete package of courses. Above all, our graduates have the large international SAE network to support them in finding employment and making contacts in the industry. All SAE facilities and studios are owned by the network and are located on the institute premises for the exclusive use of our students. Over the years SAE has also acquired a number of commercial recording studios and facilities, which now exclusively employ our graduates.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the creative media industry, SAE Institute is a logical choice – not only are we the largest provider of creative media education in the world, we developed the concept more than 30 years ago! Click here to see a timeline of some of our major milestones.

SAE Institute Thailand

SAE Institute Thailand was established in 2002 as the first school in Thailand to offer creative media technology training. SAE was set up under an exclusive franchise agreement with Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. who is the largest distributor of professional audio & visual equipment in South-East Asia. After 11 years of operation, SAE Institute Thailand has relocated to new state of the art facility at ZEN @ Central World.

The studios at SAE Thailand are designed by, a highly respected, Mr. Masami Toyoshima, the famous Japanese acoustician, for his more than 250 studio designs around the world, including Abbey Rd studios UK, Olympic Studio’s UK and Warner Music Japan. SAE Institute Thailand is also the first “AMS NEVE Appointed Training Partner” in the world.

SAE Institute Thailand continues to strive to enhance the creative media industry by delivering international accredited courses, providing world class educational facilities and working closely with local industry to address their needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate a diverse student population throughout the world to prepare them thoroughly for careers in the fields of audio engineering, digital film/video, animation and creative media production giving them a solid grounding in the latest technology with both practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Our commitment always lies with our students – to give them the best education in their field of choice. To fulfill our commitment to our students, our curriculum will always change to reflect the latest developments in the media technology industries. This will be done with global technology absorption with a focus on creativity. Equipment, hardware and software will always be updated to reflect changes in current workplace technologies, ensuring students gain relevant experience toward their future careers. Additionally, we will also train our students with the technical language and communication skills necessary to succeed in todays’ business-oriented job market.

Everything that SAE staff and faculty do is geared towards the fulfillment of our mission statement and our commitment to our students - to provide them with the best and most relevant theoretical and practical skills in order to gain employment in their field of choice.

Director’s Statement

Welcome to the Creative Media Technology programs offered by SAE. These programs are directly relevant to the expressed needs of the ‘infotainment’ industry and are currently available at most SAE centers around the world.

These courses bring together the various aspects of state-of-the-art communications technologies and the creative thinking of the cultures in which they operate. They provide hands-on opportunities for students to discover effective ways of building careers in audio engineering, multimedia, digital film and 3D animation. Further, they have been structured to cultivate the mutual interests and concerns of creative media students because I believe that is the direction for the future.

When you earn your diploma or degree from SAE you will have had opportunities to network with others who, with you, may well become the industry leaders of the future. So, I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities and unique experiences that SAE has to offer and wish you the best of luck in your chosen career.

SAE is the world's leading educator in creative media industries. Established in 1976, we now span the globe with 53 campuses in 27 countries. 

At SAE we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional programs in world-class facilities. We ensure our students recieve an outstanding education, internationally recognised qualifications, and industry-relevant skills.

Our graduates really do have the competitive edge.