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Stop Blaming the Victim by

Another assignment came my way. TV Commercial. After thinking about it a lot, I came to a decision to pick a topic that I've been conducting research on for long.

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

Destiny- Short Animation (sound by Elena Logacheva SAE Bangkok Digital Film Studen SD Project 2014)

Student project: Sound Design
Student: Elena Logacheva
Animation: Destiny_by F.Weibel
Here's the link to the original work
Original soundtrack's composer by Antoine Duchêne

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

"Pattaya Dangerous" final short film by Atikun Reusing 2014

SAE Institute Thailand DFM1013 batch graduate Atikun Reusing's final short film

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni


"The Curse of The Three Brothers" final short film by Peter Ondrejkovic

"The Curse of The Three Brothers" is the final short film by SAE Institute Thailand DFM1013 student Peter Ondrejkovic, graduate of spring 2014!

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

"Suits" Documentary project by DFM1013 student- Richard Glynn 2014

SAE Institute graduate DFM1013 student Rychard Glynn documentary project 2014

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

"Angel of vengeance" by DFM1013 student, Max Kasidech's final short film 2014

Final short film work by SAE Thailand Digital filmmaking Max Kasidech #SAElifeTH

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

Rak Khon Thai- by DFM1013 student: Atikun K Reusing 2014

SAE Institute Thailand Graduate students Atikun K Reusing's MUSIC VIDEO project 2014

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

"The Toilet" - A short film from SAE Institute Thailand 'Acting for Film Bootcamp'

"The Toilet" - A short film starring students of SAE Institute Thailand's 'Acting for Film Bootcamp' held on Saturday 11 January 2014

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

"The Khlongs" Short Scene by Kael Balvay class DFM1012

Short Scene Assignment 2012, SAE Institute Thailand

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

PRIME MOVER Official Manipuri film Trailer

SAE Institute Thailand Alumni

SAE Thailand Institute Alumni

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